Want brochures that grab attention?

Don’t rely on the spoken word to communicate your message and brand – convey the best version of you and your business out to market with our brochure design 

Decisions are rarely made by a single authority in a business these days. More often than not, people make a choice when they are sitting round in a relaxed moment, with all the information they need locked down.

Although your point might breach the airways in a meeting, will your prospective client manage to efficiently re-transmit it back at business base to their colleagues? 

Mashuni creates brochures designed to work as an ambassador for your business, always making the ideal first impression in a measured, accurate manner. 

High quality design work

... with nearly 30 years industry experience i know how to layout text, photos and headlines to instantly engage eyes and minds.

Imaginative presentations

... whether you want to be bold and quirky or cool and stylish, I can adapt your brand and colour-schemes to achieve your perfect image.

Image consultation

...  I can advise you on the best photography to help make that instant connection with your audience. 

Print advice

... get your brochures printed to the high quality standard that reflects that ambitions of your business.


... send over your own words and we’ll build the document around your sales presentation, or let our copywriters create a compelling story for you. 

Every word on the page is carefully thought out in your tone of voice to speak to your ideal customer – and the design, colours, photography and branding are what makes sure you get the attention your deserve.