Are you using the right marketing device?

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Mashuni designed and produced MJ Hillson Portfolio Book

If you offer a high quality, high value product or service to your clients then it’s really important that anything that you use to promote your company is representative of that.

MJ Hillson provides an exceptional carpentry and joinery service to some of the largest property developers in the country and they completely understand how their marketing should reflect the quality of their work and their values.

With this in mind they commissioned Mashuni to create a case study portfolio book which visually demonstrated stunning quality, a wide range of prestigious projects and capability. The book production itself oozes quality with the use of stunning photography and exceptional print finishing.

MJ Hillson are a great company to work with. Their whole ethos, values and vision are something that I am proud to be associated with.

Anyone looking to work with MJ Hillson on the types of project visualised in this book will not only be gaining an exemplary provider of carpentry and joinery services but will be enhancing their own reputation for being able to deliver properties and an end product of exceptional quality.

You cannot underestimate the value of the right marketing device to the right target market if you want it to work and deliver results.

If the medium is not right then it has less impact, will not reflect your core values, ethos, brand – basically all that your company stands for – and could waste money and diminish your reputation in the market.