Enhanced Marketing Consultancy Service


Now then. Pay attention. Exciting news here at Mashuni Towers. We can now offer an enhanced marketing and consultancy service.

“What’s that?” you say. “We thought Mashuni already used its team’s flair and passion for marketing to create bespoke campaigns using the media that’s most appropriate for each client.”

Well, indeed we do. We’re glad you noticed.

“And doesn’t Mashuni already offer marketing, traditional and digital design services, social media, websites, print management, illustration, amazing photography and tasty copywriting?”

Yep. You’ve got us bang to rights.

“So what’s new?”

Mashuni can now announce the expansion of our marketing and consultancy services to include SMS and MMS, direct mail, postal services (including discount postage for the UK), storage, distribution and mail-order fulfilment, logistics advice and supply, courier services and freight. Plus international campaigns, hand-delivery services and hybrid international digital mailing services.
We’re also really excited to be able to offer consultancy media buying, e-learning platforms, marketing platforms, web to print and on-demand print, and we’re particularly chuffed about our new data supply and processing packages, which offer clients access to 36 million clean data records.

“Wowzers. We were thinking about talking to someone about clean data. Now we can talk to Mashuni.”

Yes, you can. In fact, why not give us a call or pop us an e-mail right now?