Why do I need a logo?


“My clients trust me to do quality work and they already know what my business is all about.”

That’s fabulous… but what about the new clients you want to attract? And how could those potential customers find out simply and effectively what your business stands for?

You see, a logo is so much more than your company name and a picture or a design. It’s your badge, your identity – your presence in your market. A logo doesn’t just come from a random drawing on the back of an envelope – the designer of an effective logo will get to know you and your business, identifying your ethos and strengths.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a one-person start-up or a global corporation — a well-designed logo will get people interested in your business. It’s a really quick way of learning a little about your company and encouraging potential customers to find out more. Your logo is the first thing people will see, whether accompanying an online article, on a site hoarding, as part of stylish packaging or simply the sign outside your premises. A distinctive colour will naturally make people interested in what you do, but the design is worth more than that – it will communicate your mission and your values.

Your logo will help existing and potential customers to recognise your brand – especially useful in a crowded marketplace. Even if a client might not be able to remember the name of your business, if they can identify the logo, they’ve already connected you to your marketplace. And If you’re a specialist, a strong logo can immediately convey your authority and expertise in your sector. If you’re up against a lot of competition, your logo will not only help you stand out from the crowd but also convey why clients should choose you rather than a competitor.

What’s more, a good logo is adaptable – you can put it on your marketing materials, uniforms, vans, stationery, the tools you take on client visits… it basically goes everywhere you need it. As your business grows, your logo will foster a sense of trust among customers – the more people see your logo, the stronger the idea that you’re a business that can be relied on. If you’re already a large organisation, harmonising your identity with a logo across all products and aspects of your business will help to increase recognition among the public.

So if you aim to build a business whose brand identity is as strong as its quality, make sure you’ve got the right logo:  one that creates a unique, powerful, memorable message.