Only One Ole

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Nanette and Ole Olson

Only One Ole Olson : Every now and then I’m really lucky to be given a blank sheet of paper in terms of creativity to meet a brief.

Two months ago such a project came along and it was both a pleasurable and emotional journey to help a client to design and produce a book telling the story of the story of the life and death of her husband Ole Olson – a celebration of his life 40 years on.

Pleasurable in terms of the freedom to express, the media I had to work with and the end result which was a beautiful coffee table book. Emotional in that to design the book I had to understand the very personal content written by an extraordinary lady, Nanette Olson.

Ole was a USAF pilot killed in a freak accident when his A10 Tankbuster jet collided with another in 1980 over the North Sea.

This is his story, a real tribute to his life for his family, friends and anyone who was fortunate enough to have come into contact with him.

Nanette kindly gave me permission to share with you.

If you have a book project that you would like help with getting it designed, written, printed and published please get in touch.